We believe that your spiritual guides have brought you to this site.

Absolute Journey meditations have been recorded and stored here. Plan on approximately 20 to 30 minutes of uninterrupted time.

These channeled meditations take you through a series of 3 steps.

    1. Angels are invoked (invited) to surround us in order to clear and cleanse the space.
    2. We then use our breath to release tension and clear our mind, body, and spirit.
    3. A spiritual being then speaks to us through Kevin.

Recent Meditations

  • The Angelic Realm
    Angels are all around us, assisting with our daily lives, as well as helping us remember who we are in the sight of the Creator. Do you hear them? Do you acknowledge their messages? Or would you, like so many others, like to be more open to receiving directly from them? Finding balance in our earthly realm is a difficult task for the modern human. Bombardment of media, schedules that overwhelm and chemical additives in our food affect the bodies in which our souls live. With barriers such as these, many choose to receive the gift of reaching through the […]...
  • One Planet, One World, One Nation
    One Planet, One World, One Nation Recorded – February 22, 2015...
  • My High Priest
    The Anointing and Naming Recorded:  October 24, 2014 The second anointing and naming of Rev. Kev.  The Spirits of the Most High bless and direct Kevin in the things that are to come and the gifts he is to receive.  ...
  • Prophecy
    Recorded May 17, 2014 Several things in this meditation came true on October 24, 2014....
  • In the Garden with Jesus
    Pray With Jesus in the Garden Recorded: April 14, 2014 Eve of the Passover Total Lunar Eclipse...